The Rhino.inside.Revit technology allows you to run Rhino, Grasshopper, and Lands Design as Revit plugins, and therefore using Lands Design as a 3D modeler for Revit.

Using Grasshopper as a bridge, the Rhino geometry and Lands Design objects can travel back and forth between Rhino and Revit.

The Lands Design Grasshopper components let you retrieve the geometry and data of Rhino and Lands objects and connect them with the Revit-aware components, (available in Grasshopper with the Rhino.Inside plug-in), and thus regenerate all geometry and data in real-time in Revit, as native Revit object types.

You can transfer terrains, zones, paths, stairs, walls, fences, and plants with “Detailed” representation.

We have prepared a Grasshopper definition that transfers all these objects and information from Rhino to Revit with just one click. No Grasshopper knowledge is required to run it.

Download it here.